Skills-Based Solutions

        Proven Results


Skills Assessment

Online skills assessment and skills tracker to help you in making the right career decision and tracking your progress

Self-Paced Programs

Engaging online programs with rich multi-media. Discussion forums available to interact with your peers and subject matter experts

Customizable Platform

Our platform is customizable to the existing learning platform in your organization

Technical Support

Dedicated and personalized technical and subject matter support available

Career Development Plans

Our proven career development solution comprises of employability skills programs that are highly useful for employers, students, and academic institutions.

CED For Employers

Have direct access for recruitment of skills-certified employment seekers who can be immediately productive. Identify the strengths and work style preferences of your employees. Provide vocational skills, soft skills and application skills to employees that are necessary for career progression and productivity standards.
  • Easy recruiting - Direct access for recruitment of skills-certified employment seekers who can be immediately productive
  • Career Progression - An opportunity to provide your employees with skills development programs based on your job needs and their natural abilities
  • Portability - Off the shelf customizable content & platform solutions
  • Adaptability - Curricula can be customized for different corporate requirements and for internal corporate training
  • Scalability - Curricula can be offered to an unlimited number of participants
  • Value Creation - Employing Corporations receive preferential access to certified students and preferential opportunities for internal training programs

CED For Students

Assess your natural abilities, skills and work style preferences. Assessments can predict precisely the courses and careers, where you are most likely to succeed. Get equipped with the current professional skills needed by the employers.
  • Skills and work style preferences assessment
  • Online self-paced programs supplemented with F2F instructions
  • Engaging bite-sized learning modules
  • Certification from a world class university
  • Peer to peer online interaction and learning
  • A total of 20+ hours of contents that can be completed in 6-8 weeks.

CED For Academic Institutions

Interested in taking a leadership role in making your students more employable. Our programs will help you reduce the gap between academic theory and skills needed for career excellence of your students. These programs work either as a great complement to your online program or as an easy way to start up e-learning initiative for your institution.
Now career is characterised by
  • Employable Skills Development - Curricula is developed based on university research-based skills competency modeling and industry subject matter expertise
  • Value Creation - Opportunities for faculty to expand skill sets, teach with us and build relationships with employing corporations
  • Complementarity - The curricula augments the existing technical academic curricula of higher education institutions
  • Scope - Curricula will be expanded continuously to focus on additional skill gap categories and target populations
  • Scalability - Curricula can be offered to an unlimited number of students